Building Wealth Using Affirmations

Wealth building. Easing financial stress. Giving to good causes. Living the good life. Providing for your family. All of these things are possible if you could just master the practice of building wealth.

Well, it is possible to build wealth, regardless of your current circumstances. But the key isn’t found in another financial seminar or business training session. It’s found inside you and in your belief that wealth building is possible. It’s called a millionaire mindset.

If you’ve been trying to build wealth for any length of time, there’s a good chance that you know all the business methods you need. You have the mechanical ability to build wealth. But something seems to be holding you back. You believe you’re doing all the right things, but they don’t seem to work for you like they do for others. That’s where the Law of Attraction comes in.

As we discussed before, the Law of Attraction states that your thoughts will attract a similar reality. If you focus on positive thoughts, you will experience positive results. But if you are viewing the world expecting negative outcomes, the world will not disappoint you. That’s what people mean when they say “like attracts like.”

It sounds so simple. Just start thinking positively. But the Law of Attraction requires you to eliminate negative thoughts from your mental vocabulary. Your current reality and recent past may mean that a positive outlook is nearly impossible for you. Before you can begin to harness the Law of Attraction, you need to do a little mental reprogramming.

That’s where affirmations can help. Effective affirmations are more than just a soothing voice whispering good things into your ears. The right kind of affirmations are targeted to achieve the mindset you want–in this case, the millionaire mindset. By using affirmations, you can replace negative memories and despondent attitudes with positive messages of future reality. By visualizing yourself as a successful, wealthy person, you begin to alter the reality around you until it matches your visualization.

Now think about the possibilities of pairing up good affirmations with brainwave entrainment. Imagine taking a set of well-crafted statements of positive purpose and listening to them while your brain is in a relaxed and receptive state.

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