AudioMindLab products are tools to be used, preferably daily, and are engineered to provide maximum flexibility. Just select the session most appropriate for your requirements, press play, and enjoy.

AudioMindLab Products Use Isochronic Tone Technology:  Isochronic tones are the newest of the three brainwave entrainment technologies (older ones being Binaural and Monaural beats), these are manually created, equal intensity pulses of sound that are separated by an interval of silence. They basically turn on and off very quickly (the set speed depends on the desired brain frequency of each program). Isochronic tones are particularly easy for the brain to entrain to, and many people find this form of brainwave entrainment to be the most effective and a preferred choice over binaural and monaural beats.

Unlike the more common, binaural beats type products, headphones are not required to enjoy our audios, and their use will be a matter of preference. For many people with lower quality headphones that may not fit properly, or who are simply not used to wearing headphones, their usage can easily become a distraction and should be avoided since these sessions work better when the mind is fully at rest and free from distractions.  That said many of our users do find the use of headphones gives them a better experience as they also help to remove external noise disctractions.

We recommend using a quality sound-surround system to get the most benefit from your product, but a standard home stereo will work just fine.  Additionally please note that computers with internal speakers such as laptop computers or listening to the sessions using lower quality earbuds may result in poor performance as they usually lack the bass response and lower sound spectrums that carry our brainwave entrainment frequencies.

Sennheiser HD 598 Audiophile Headphones with High Gloss Burl Wood Accents


Remember Everyone Is Different:  It is important to keep in mind however that everyone has a different bio-chemistry and your personal results and experience with our audios will be influenced by different factors such as your personal lifestyle, your habits and preferences, the specific results you are trying to achieve as well as the way your brain and body will react to these audio inputs.

To experience the full spectrum of benefits provided by our product a fine-tuning period is usually required as you learn to work with the audios in a way that suits you best.

The more regular the usage, the faster you will get used to the entrainment process and overcome the possible discomfort phase. This regular usage will also help train the brain in reinforcing the desired state of mind and make it easier to access even without assistance.